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Agricultural Solar Glen Allen VA

Affordable Agricultural Solar in Glen Allen VA

Sun Collectors makes it fast, easy, and affordable to get agricultural solar in Glen Allen VA. Call us at 804-575-7338 to avoid large upfront solar panel costs.

We specialize in solar energy systems for farms. Plus, we offer customers incredible $0 money down financing to switch to solar without a big upfront bill. Let us educate you on the benefits, savings, and power you can enjoy by installing solar systems at your farm. With the cost of electricity steadily on the rise, now has never been a better time to make the change to a renewable energy source. In fact, some customers can eliminate monthly power bills by going to solar.

Learn more about the ways solar energy can benefit your farm by scheduling a free consultation with us through our online contact form.  Our solar specialists listen to you and answer your questions without high-pressure sales tactics. As a result, many customers give us great reviews.

The Best Benefits of Agricultural Solar in Glen Allen VA

Sun Collectors understands you may not know all the benefits of agricultural solar in Glen Allen VA. Therefore, our solar energy specialists strive to educate you on the ways your farm can cut costs and potentially increase productivity. Thus, we have compiled a brief list of the best benefits that our ag clients tell us they receive. They are the following:

  • Reduced water usage
  • Potential for longer growing seasons
  • Allowance for nutrient and land recharge of degraded lands
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Diversification of their revenue stream
  • An increased ability to install high-value, shade-resistant crops for new markets
  • A chance to market to a sustainability-mindful audience
  • An ability to maintain crop production throughout solar power production

Why Now Is The Perfect Time for Agricultural Solar

Virginia lawmakers recently passed legislation to make the state 100% reliant on renewable energy by 2045. As a result, the time to start thinking about making that conversion is right now. If you want agricultural solar in Glen Allen VA, you can benefit by making the conversion now to take advantage of the following timely incentives:

  • You Can Deduct Installation on Your Taxes: Federal tax incentives allow you to write off up to 26% of the cost of installing agricultural solar in Glen Allen VA. Yet, these incentives are not guaranteed to last forever. As conversion to solar becomes more popular, these incentives could decrease or go away entirely in the future.
  • Solar Panel Prices Could Rise in the Future: After years of government incentives and increased manufacturing, it has never been more affordable to get agricultural solar. In 1977, solar cells cost nearly $77 per watt. However, solar cell costs plummeted to 22 cents per watt by 2017. Yet, that trend may not continue forever. Trump administration tariffs on imported solar cells and decreased national production could cause the pricing of solar systems to rise soon.
  • Do Not Lose Out on Energy Cost Savings: Electricity prices have risen 2.2% each year over the last decade. In 2016, the average power bill for an American family rose to $1,350 annually. With Virginia’s net metering program, your agricultural solar system could potentially produce enough surplus energy to offset or in some cases eliminate that expense.
Agricultural Solar Glen Allen VA

Let’s Talk About Agricultural Solar

Sun Collectors makes it informative, easy, and affordable to get agricultural solar. Arrange for a free consultation now through our online contact form. You can also schedule a no-obligation consultation by calling 804-575-7338. In addition, we welcome you to ask us questions any time at our office located at 4191 Innslake Drive, Unit #211, Glen Allen VA 23060.