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Save Money with the Best Solar Panels in Richmond VA

Sun Collectors has installed over 1,000 renewable energy systems and the best solar panels in Richmond VA. Call us today at 804-575-7338 for residential, commercial, or agricultural solar systems.

Many homeowners, companies, and farms want a different solution to solve the problem of rising rates for electricity these days. However, the initial cost to install solar systems can scare some people away from converting to renewable energy. If you are hoping to make the switch to renewable energy, let Sun Collectors help. We can inform you of strategies to use to make it more affordable to go solar. Please consider the following strategies you can use to fit solar systems into your budget:

  • Sun Collectors Offers $0 Money Down Financing
  • Tax Rebates Allow You to Write Off Initial Installation Costs
  • You Can Drastically Reduce Energy Bills with Net Metering

Contact us today for more information on installing the best solar panels in Richmond VA. Plus, we invite you to read the educational resources available on our website. From there, you can search for solutions to frequently asked questions, read reviews about our services, and view pictures of our past work.

Use of Our Affordable Financing Options

Sun Collectors helps to convert many new customers to renewable energy systems with our affordable financing options. Our $0 money down financing is one of the many ways we can make it more budget-friendly to invest in the best solar panels in Richmond VA.

Recently, Virginia lawmakers passed a resolution for the state to become 100% reliant on renewable energy by 2045. Therefore, conversion to solar products will become a necessity at some point. Let Sun Collectors remove the barrier of upfront cost of installation to help your make the conversion at an affordable rate. Plus, we allow flexible payment options best suited for your finances.

Tax Incentives Allow You to Write Off Initial Installation Costs

Federal tax credits allow you to claim up to 22% of installation cost of solar panels through 2021. Therefore, you can write off nearly a quarter of the cost on your taxes. If you choose to install the best solar panels in Richmond VA, Sun Collectors can help you in this process. Eligible expenses covered by the tax credits include:

  • Solar Panel Installation Cost in Glen Allen VA
  • Labor Costs on the Installation
  • Balance-of-System Equipment
  • Energy Storage Devices

Net Metering Gives You Ownership of Energy

Virginia averages more than 3 ½ hours of peak sunlight each day. With the increased efficiency of today’s solar systems, they can produce more energy than your home will require with that average amount of sunlight. Therefore, you can use Virginia’s net metering program to sell that extra power to drastically reduce your power bills. By selling back unused energy to the utility companies, your surplus energy profits are applied to your monthly electricity bills. As a result, some customers completely rid themselves of energy bills reduced by selling surplus energy through net metering.

Best Solar Panels Richmond VA

Why Choose Sun Collectors

When you choose to install the best solar panels in Richmond VA, Sun Collectors can make the process fast and affordable. We specialize in photovoltaic (PV) or solar energy systems. Also, our company works to inform potential customers like you on the benefits, savings, and power of renewable energy. Our company wants to make the process of converting to solar energy as simple and as informative as possible. Consequently, our customers can let others know about how we take the hassle and worry out of converting to solar energy systems.

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