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Why Should Your Agriculture Business Go Solar?

Powering an agricultural facility with solar is a great way to increase the value of the facility, and cut cost on fluctuating power bills throughout the seasons. Most farms use a large amount of power due to the significant needs of the equipment used, and even with lowered agricultural rates, they’re still high. Buying a solar system outright is expensive, but now solar is affordable with the combination of the Illinois Shines Program, Federal Tax Credit, REAP Grant Program, and the Ameren Smart Inverter rebate. Subsidies reduce the net cost of solar panels down to a fraction of the total value of the solar system.

Agricultural Solar System


Grants are a great way to reduce the cost of a solar system, but applying for a grant from the REAP program can be a long and complicated process. The Approved Vendors that work with this are familiar with the grant process, making the transition to solar as smooth as possible. Rather than possibly facing issues or problems down the road, our goal is to educate and keep you updated every step of the process by providing the highest quality of customer service.

Agriculture And The Environment

Agriculture plays a significant roll in our everyday life and our ecosystem and is a major contributor to pollution. Now, with solar, we are able to offset some of the impacts that will have on the environment.