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Out with the old, in with the new! You have probably already heard the news about some of the local power plants shutting down, or about a new solar field going up nearby; maybe you’ve even seen a few more windmills popping up outside of town. California is a prime example of how expensive this transition can be, now the cost of power in California is 50% higher than the national average. With your current setup, you are paying a monthly expense for something that offers no added value aside from keeping the lights on. Historically speaking, the cost of power does not get cheaper.

Most, if not all, of the Country will be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2050. With states like Virginia, Illinois, North Carolina, and 20 others states having a required percentage of renewable energy on the grid, it’s only a matter of time until you are left with two options:
1. forever pay for the rising cost of electricity or
2. produce clean, renewable energy at your home for a fraction of the price.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

This is the most common question we get asked when educating homeowners on renewable energy, and the answer is nothing out of pocket! There is no “one size fits all” approach when dealing with solar; each home has a unique build with different electric needs. Your best bet is to contact one of our solar experts to understand your project better. Due to the high infrastructure cost associated with updating the electrical grid, renewable energy projects, and decommissioning fossil fuel plants, the consumers are often the ones that have to pay the price. If you don’t believe me, take a look at your power bill, you are already paying for renewable energy.

By owning a solar energy system, you are protecting your home against the rising cost of power, creating an end date for your electric bill, and helping offset your carbon footprint to help make a cleaner world for all.

Homeowners Have A Choice

Economists at the University of Chicago Energy Policy Institute published an article in May 2019 stating: Renewable Standard Portfolios raise utility rates by as much as 17%! Your monthly electric bill will only increase; investing in solar power generates both an equity return and short/long-term savings. Zillow conducted a study by comparing homes with and without solar-energy systems that were listed for sale and sold from March 1, 2018, to February 28, 2019, to find that solar increased the homes premium by an average of 4.1%! The number of solar installs in the United States has finally surpassed 2 million! This is an incredible milestone considering it took 40 years to reach 1 million. Homeowners all across the United States are beginning to realize going solar can increase the value of their homes while decreasing their monthly living expenses.

Our Solar Installation Process

Our Solar Process is quick and easy to understand with a quick phone call or with one of our in-home consultations. Contact one of our Sun Collection Specialists and learn how to get started today. Government incentives, along with a decrease in solar equipment costs, has catapulted the utilization of solar power into a sound investment. Green energy is one of the best financial decisions for public agencies, businesses, and homeowners. Paying the monthly utility bill to the power company offers you no return while Investing in solar power generates both long-term savings. With our ZERO down payment options, qualified homeowners are able to lower their monthly bills and increase the value of their homes without breaking the bank. Schedule a free in-home consultation or set an online interview for your home’s solar analysis. At this point of the year, homeowners throughout the country can get a high percentage of their system covered by local incentives and Federal Investment Tax Credit. Click here to learn more about the many benefits and programs available for solar energy.