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Imagine how much you pay per month for your electricity bill. $100? $200? If in Richmond, VA, the average basic utility cost for electricity runs near $150 per month. And when running your AC or heating, that cost can go even higher! Now imagine eliminating that cost. You now have more cash in your pocket to do what you love and can worry less about being comfortable in your own home! And all it takes is an investment in solar energy in Richmond, VA. Call 804-575-7338 to start saving with the Sun Collectors.

When living in Virginia, there are few places better than the bright and beautiful state capital of Richmond. This vibrant city is a hub for education, entertainment, culture and innovation, to name a few of its incredible offerings. Moreover, Richmond residents are entering a new age by embracing the clean and energy-saving benefits of solar power!

Richmond offers helpful solar incentives (federal, state and local) for those looking to invest in this popular renewable energy. And the Sun Collectors of Richmond can help you discover incentives, adding a few of our own. Our goal is to help homes, businesses, and farms alike easily access the benefits of solar energy for Richmond and throughout the state. Reach out to us online to learn how we can help you take advantage of solar power.

Sun Collectors

The Power of Solar Panels

The Sun Collectors sell and install the latest in solar panel technology. We specialize in photovoltaic (PV) and monocrystalline solar energy systems for residential, commercial and agricultural applications. This amazing solar technology is leaps and bounds ahead of solar panels, even from a few years ago.

Sun Collectors

Hot & Cold

No matter the season, your panels are always pulling energy from the sun.

Sun Collectors

Maintenance Free

Solar panels have no moving parts. Thus, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Sun Collectors

Clean & Quiet

The technology runs without noise to transfer the sun’s rays into energy.

Sun Collectors

Sleek & Modern

Solar panels come in attractive and discreet designs and colors. The choice is yours!

Sun Collectors

How You Can Take Advantage of Solar Energy

The benefits of solar power are enough for anybody wanting to make the switch. Not only will the environment thank you, but your wallet will too!

  • Save Money – Between the cost of producing solar and the available net metering programs for Virginia, you’re going to see your energy bills significantly reduce or sometimes disappear entirely.
  • Save the Environment – Solar energy is renewable, meaning it will never run out. And when compared to fossil fuels, solar energy is produced clean and free of pollutants harmful to our environment.

Available Solar Incentives for Richmond VA

In 2019, Governor Ralph Northam established Virginia’s goals in terms of state-wide energy production. One big takeaway was the objective of Virginia’s electric system being 30% powered by renewable energy sources by 2030 and 100% powered by carbon-free sources by 2050. And to rise to the occasion, incentives are being pushed for Virginians to invest in solar.

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit – To encourage growth in renewable energy, the federal government recently re-upped its commitment to pay for part of installing new solar systems. As long as the incentive continues to receive support from Congress, you can claim up to 26% of your newly installed solar system on your federal tax returns.
  • Residential Property Tax Exemption – In participating localities across the state, you might qualify for an exemption or partial exemption of solar (the assessed value of equipment and facilities used for solar) on your property taxes. Currently, not all localities in Virginia participate in this incentive, but in Richmond, you’re in luck!
  • Net Metering – As a way to save money on the extra solar energy you produce, local energy companies run a net metering program. You get credits on your electricity bill for every extra kilowatt-hour of solar that you produce through net metering. This extra energy is sent back to the grid and redistributed throughout the system. And for every credit you receive, a portion of your energy bill is reimbursed.

How the Sun Collectors Can Help

In addition to helping our clients find local, state and federal incentives geared towards bringing the cost of solar down, we introduce our own incentives to assist those worried about the initial investment of a solar system. Talk with our team to discuss the ways the Sun Collectors can help you get started with solar.

Sun Collectors

$0 Down Financing

There are no steep costs or set-up fees associated with our solar panels.

Sun Collectors

Approved Vendors

Our solar products are only installed by contractors on our Approved Vendors list.

Sun Collectors

Trusted Warranties

We only use tier one solar panels backed by industry-leading warranties.

Sun Collectors

Low Monthly Payments

Our payment plans are flexible and affordable for residents and businesses.

Begin Your Solar Journey with the Sun Collectors

Between energy savings, lower electricity bills, environmental friendliness and government incentives, solar energy production is quickly becoming the best possible choice for homeowners, farms and businesses throughout Virginia. If interested in solar power for Richmond and how you can begin investing in this incredible renewable energy, give the Sun Collectors of Richmond, VA a call. You can contact us today at 804-575-7338. Also, our Virginia office is located at 4191 Innslake Dr, Unit 211, Glen Allen VA 23060.

Sun Collectors
Sun Collectors

Did You Know?

  • Solar is one of the cheapest and most accessible forms of energy in the world.
  • The amount of solar power installed in the US has increased x23 over the past eight years.
  • Solar energy produces no pollution.
  • One of the earliest adopters of solar energy was our space industry.
  • The largest solar plant in the world covers 1000 acres of the Mohave Desert.

Fun Facts provided by EnergySage and Energy.gov.