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Be Confident in Your New Solar Systems in Peoria IL

Renewable energy is the way of the future for residents and businesses throughout Illinois and the United States. And at Sun Collectors, it’s our job to ensure you get the guidance you need when it comes to solar systems in Peoria IL. By connecting you with the right vendors, providing fast and efficient installation and educating you on the benefits of solar energy, we can make sure you’re ready for the renewable energy craze that’s hitting our nation.

Sun Collectors has helped numerous clients across the U.S. and is ready to assist you with your solar panel installation in Illinois. We’ve seen both the good and bad scenarios people have dealt with concerning solar energy. However, we know solar power is overwhelmingly positive for individuals and the environment. Thus, we strive to make sure solar energy is accessible to anyone wishing to switch from fossil fuels.

What Can You Expect from Your Solar System?

Not only is solar energy one of the most environmentally friendly sources of power, but it has incredible benefits for homeowners and businesses alike. Allow Sun Collectors to “show you the light” of investing in solar energy.

  • Great for the Environment
    • While the production of solar panels isn’t the most environmentally friendly, its results far outweigh the initial construction. Solar energy is low-emission and produces zero pollution. Additionally, the technology used to collect solar energy doesn’t create any waste and is near silent in action. Thus, solar energy contributes nothing to air pollution, noise pollution and all other types of pollution.
  • Better for Your Wallet
    • While saving the environment is something we all ought to strive for, saving money on your energy bill is an extra benefit of solar power. Through Illinois’ net metering program, you can make up the cost of your solar system in no time. Any energy you produce from your solar panels that you don’t use in a month, you have the option of selling back to your utility companies. Eventually, you could begin to make money from your solar system.
  • Electricity When You Need It, Where You Need It
    • One of the significant advantages to solar power is there are few places you can go on this planet where the sun won’t rise the next day (with the one exception being Antarctica for half the year). Thus, solar energy is the most renewable of all energy sources. And today’s technology means solar panels are plenty effective in low-light areas, too. With the right system and energy storage, you could cut your dependence on fossil fuels entirely.
New residential Solar Systems in Peoria IL

See What Others Are Saying

Solar energy is the real deal. Through Illinois’ Renewable Portfolio Standard, the state has set a goal to reach 25% produced renewable energy by 2025. It’s an incredible standard to set, and one that local utility companies like ComEd and Ameren need your help to meet. Thus, there are incredible incentives, rebates and a net metering program for those who wish to invest in solar to take advantage of. And if you’re still not sure about solar power, see what some of our previous clients have to say about it.

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