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Don’t Let the Cost of Installing Solar Panels in Richmond VA Stop You

While solar power is making great strides in the energy industry, there’s one significant obstacle stopping most people from investing in this renewable energy: cost of entry. And while it is true that the initial cost of installing solar panels in Richmond VA can be considered “pricey” by some, there are ways to offset this cost. With some help from the team at Sun Collectors, we can guide you towards affordably investing in solar energy.

Sun Collectors has worked with hundreds of clients throughout the United States, making solar energy accessible to those wishing to make the switch. Our education, experience and approved vendors allow homeowners, businesses and farmers to make an informed decision about how they utilize their energy from month to month. And with the available rebates and incentives offered for those wishing to produce solar energy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t want to have a solar system installed for your property.

How We Can Reduce Costs

From the initial installation to your monthly energy bill, Virginia and the Federal Government offer folks ways to save money when switching to solar energy. So the cost of entry seems less daunting, here’s how we can help you bring those costs down.

  • Federal Tax Breaks
    • If you are installing a new solar system for the first time, the government will cover some of the cost. Through the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you can deduct 30% of the cost of your solar panels from your taxes. This means you can save a little over a quarter of the price of your new solar system. And a ll thanks to the Federal Government’s push for renewable energy production.
  • State Tax Breaks
    • Virginia will also offer breaks on taxes in the form of presidential property tax exemption if you are currently producing solar power from your home. However, this Virginia law only covers the localities willing to opt into the program, currently totaling thirty. So, if you live in one of the localities where they implement this tax exemption, you can save quite a bit and taxes and increase your property’s value.
  • Net Metering
    • Finally, you can quickly and easily make up solar panels‘ cost in the savings you’ll receive on your monthly energy bills. Through Virginia’s net metering program, they credit you for every extra kilowatt-hour of solar energy you produce but don’t use. This energy is sold back to your utility company and then credited on your next energy bill. Many individuals and businesses have seen incredible savings on their energy bills, sometimes having to pay next to nothing.
Newly installed solar system after help reducing the Cost of Installing Solar Panels in Richmond VA

A Reliable Energy Source

After covering the cost of installing solar panels in Richmond VA, you’re in for some incredible savings through solar energy. Additionally, solar power runs clean and is an excellent way to help preserve the environment. Also, solar energy provides you with convenience. It’s the one renewable energy where you have near-constant access to it throughout the day. And if you’re still unsure about making the switch, see what our clients have to say about their solar systems.

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