Go solar for as little as $49/month & $0 down!

Residential Solar Systems

Premium Solar Installation Out with the old, in with the new! You have probably already heard the news about some of the local power plants shutting down, or about a new solar field going up nearby; maybe you’ve even seen a few more windmills popping up outside of town. California is a prime example of how expensive this transition can be, now the cost of power in California is 50% higher than the national average. With your current setup, you…

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Commercial Solar System

Save Money With Commercial Solar Solar Energy is great for smart, innovative companies looking into a greener direction cut cost on their electric bill. Businesses use a large amount of power, typically have a high tax liability, and are eligible to receive a large amount of the system covered by the State Incentives, REAP Grant, and Tax Credit. All of these programs, for renewable energy, bring the net price of a system down to a fraction of the typical cost that…

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Agricultural Solar System

Why Should Your Agriculture Business Go Solar? Powering an agricultural facility with solar is a great way to increase the value of the facility, and cut cost on fluctuating power bills throughout the seasons. Most farms use a large amount of power due to the significant needs of the equipment used, and even with lowered agricultural rates, they’re still high. Buying a solar system outright is expensive, but now solar is affordable with the combination of the Illinois Shines Program,…

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