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What are you paying for electricity each month? If living in Peoria and the surrounding areas, the average monthly costs for energy are near $150. And in the Midwest, where winters can be harsh and summers brutal, electric utility costs can continue climbing! Now, what if you could drastically reduce your electricity bills? You would jump on the opportunity! And amazingly, all it takes is an investment in solar energy in Peoria IL. Call 309-323-8260 to get started with the Sun Collectors.

Also known as “the River City,” Peoria, IL, is the largest city along the Illinois River. Peoria is rich in science and culture, boasting one of the largest healthcare hubs in the state and the oldest running theatre venues in the country (“If it plays in Peoria!”). And now, with recent solar legislation in Illinois, the Heart of Illinois is poised to become the “heart of solar.”

Peoria residents looking into solar can discover incredible incentives on the federal and state levels. And with help from the Sun Collectors of Peoria, you can begin your journey towards renewable and cost-effective energy solutions. Our mission is to see homeowners, business owners and farmers easily access the benefits of solar in Peoria and throughout Illinois. Contact us online to discuss your options for a new solar system.

Sun Collectors

Advancements in Solar Panels

Solar technology has made leaps and bounds in the last decade. What was once thought to be an “addition” to your utilities can now provide all your energy needs. And the Sun Collectors can get you started with photovoltaic (PV) and monocrystalline solar energy systems, the most advanced technology available.

Sun Collectors

All Year-Long

There’s no “bad” time for solar energy production. Solar panel technology can collect the sun’s rays in any climate, weather or season. In most cases, PV panels function better in colder conditions.

Sun Collectors

Little to No Maintenance

As there are no moving parts for your solar panel, there’s little that needs adjusting or fixing. Solar systems interconnected to the grid require little to no maintenance.

Sun Collectors

Difficult to Notice

The technology and science behind converting sunlight into energy exhausts no waste and is an incredibly noise-free process.

Sun Collectors

Subtle & Attractive

New solar panels are designed to be sleek and discreet, making it easy to incorporate panels into any home or business’s exterior aesthetic.

Sun Collectors

How Can You Benefit from Solar?

The incredible advantages of solar power are sure to convince you it’s worth the investment! You’ll not just be saving money, but the environment too!

  • Save Money – With net metering programs and other solar incentives in Illinois, you can significantly reduce monthly energy bills or eliminate them altogether. Not to mention, there are excellent savings available for first-time solar panel buyers.
  • Save the Environment – Solar power is one of the cleanest, most renewable energy sources available. While fossil fuels have a finite amount and pollute our environment, solar energy is infinite and has an incredibly low carbon footprint.

Available Solar Incentives for Peoria IL

In 2021, Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Senate passed landmark legislation to make the Illinois energy sector more reliant on renewable energy. The ultimate goal of “The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act” is to put Illinois on pace to reach 40% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% by 2050. And to achieve this goal, the legislation outlines solar incentives available for all Illinoisans.

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit – The federal government recently pledged to continue its commitment to solar energy through the Federal Solar Tax Credit. For as long as this incentive is active, new solar adopters can claim up to 26% of the cost of newly installed panels back on their federal tax returns.
  • Adjustable Block Program – The recently passed legislation re-started a popular solar incentive in Illinois: The Adjustable Block Program. Otherwise known as Illinois Shines, this program offers Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) for each megawatt-hour of electricity your solar system produces. Solar producers can then take those credits and sell them back to the energy market.
  • Net Metering – Utility companies in Illinois implement a net metering policy. For households or businesses that produce more energy than they use, they can refund that energy to their local utility company. This refund goes towards monthly energy costs, either reducing or eliminating future electric bills.
  • Commercial Rebates – For businesses, ComEd (one of Illinois’ largest utility companies) offers rebates for those installing new solar panels. For every Kilowatt (kW) of installed solar power, a business can receive $250 each. However, this rebate only applies to solar panel systems with no larger capacity than 2,000 kW.

What Can the Sun Collectors Do?

Not only can the Sun Collectors help you apply for all incentives and tax breaks you’re eligible for, but we provide some incentives of our own! For those concerned over the “cost of entry” for solar, we look to assuage those fears with the right warranties and financing. Talk with our team to see how we can help.

Sun Collectors

$0 Down Financing

There are no high installation costs or hidden fees when installing your new solar panel system.

Sun Collectors

Approved Vendors

We only select the best contractors for solar panel installation. Every contractor on our Approved Vendors list has years of experience installing solar systems, offering the highest quality and service.

Sun Collectors

Trusted Warranties

Our solar panels are tier one and backed by industry-leading warranties and efficiency.

Sun Collectors

Low Monthly Payments

We make paying for your solar panels a breeze. Our monthly payment plans are incredibly flexible, with some systems costing as low as $49 per month!

Get Started Today with the Sun Collectors

Whether it’s solar’s environmentally friendly nature, total energy savings or the incredible incentives offered, solar power the best option for renewable energy in Peoria IL. And with Illinois and the Sun Collectors making it easier than ever to invest in solar, the choice is clear! If you wish to leap into solar energy production, give the Sun Collectors team a call today. You can contact us at 309-323-8260.

Sun Collectors
Sun Collectors

Did You Know?

  • Solar is one of the cheapest and most accessible forms of energy in the world.
  • The amount of solar power installed in the US has increased x23 over the past eight years.
  • Solar energy produces no pollution.
  • One of the earliest adopters of solar energy was our space industry.
  • The largest solar plant in the world covers 1000 acres of the Mohave Desert.

Fun Facts provided by EnergySage and Energy.gov.