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Sun Collectors

100% Renewable Energy for Richmond VA by 2045

In 2020, the Virginia government passed a bill called the Virginia Clean Economy Act. The bill establishes renewable portfolio standards, requiring Dominion Energy Virginia to be 100 percent carbon-free by 2045. In other words, the push for renewable energy for Richmond VA and the entire state has never been greater! And the Sun Collectors look to support this ambitious initiative.

The Sun Collectors operates throughout the country, with the express goal of making solar energy more accessible to those wishing to make the switch. By helping families and businesses overcome the initial hurdles of solar panel installation and educating folks on solar power benefits, we’ve made great strides in the solar industry throughout the U.S.

Solar Power: What is It?

Solar power is renewable energy, not unlike energy produced from hydroplants or wind turbines. However, solar power is different in that it utilizes the sun to create electricity. Our photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems help collect the sun’s rays and transform them into a usable power source for homes, farms, businesses and more.

Why Choose Solar?

  • Easy to Implement – Once you have your solar panel system set up by professionals, energy production is a snap! Solar panels automatically transform sunlight into electricity, which immediately powers your property. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits!
  • Flexible and Renewable – Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is available anywhere you can set up a solar panel. Also, as long as the sun continues to rise, you have a guaranteed source of power.
  • Protects the Environment – Also unlike fossil fuels, solar power is an incredibly “green” energy solution. While burning oil and gas for power gives off toxic emissions and pollution, solar energy produces no waste.
A light bulb in front of green plants, representing Renewable Energy in Richmond VA

How Can We Help?

As mentioned previously, the Sun Collectors help make renewable energy for Richmond VA more accessible by removing barriers for entry and providing solar energy education to folks who want it. With our $0 down financing, we take away what is often an expensive entry point for solar installation. Instead, we offer flexible monthly payments so you can pay for solar on your terms. Also, we help introduce you to solar energy incentives offered by the state, like net metering programs.

Contact Us

When you’re ready to invest in renewable energy in Richmond VA, allow the Sun Collectors to help you get started! To learn more, contact us today at 804-575-7338 to request a consultation. Also, our office is located at 4191 Innslake Dr, Unit 211, Glen Allen, VA 23060.