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We Meet Your Needs When It Comes to Solar Panel System Cost for Richmond VA

Don’t let “price” get in the way of your investment in renewable energy solutions. While many companies will charge you an arm and a leg for solar panel installation, the Sun Collectors handle installation differently. We believe solar power should be accessible to anyone who wants it, no matter the solar panel system cost for Richmond VA.

How to Make Solar Panels More Affordable

While the Sun Collectors offers unique financing options to assist in installing a new solar system, solar production itself can help with your solar panels cost.

  • Drastically Reduce Upfront Cost
    • It’s challenging to commit to solar energy if you face steep fees right off the bat. Installation costs can often deter folks from making the switch to renewable energy. Thus, the Sun Collectors works to remove this barrier. Through our $0 financing, we offer solar panel installation with no upfront costs. Also, we allow flexible payment options best suited for your finances.
  • Reduce Installation Price
    • At this time, you can still receive tax credits for installing new solar panels until the end of 2021. You can claim up to 22% of your solar panels installation cost on your upcoming tax filing through the federal solar tax credit. Expenses covered include the cost of the panels, labor costs, balance-of-system equipment and energy storage devices.
  • Earn Money Back
    • Solar panels have grown to be incredibly efficient systems, often producing more power than you need. So, through Virginia’s net metering program, you can use that extra power to save you money. By selling back unused energy to the utility companies, that cost is applied to your monthly electricity bills. Some clients have seen their energy bills reduced to nothing through net metering.
Solar Panel System Cost Richmond VA

Our Goals

Education and accessibility are some of the main goals of the Sun Collectors. Through our work consulting on solar energy and assisting with solar panel installation, we strive to bring solar power to anyone who wishes to switch to renewable energy. Helping folks manage solar panel system cost for Richmond VA or throughout the country is why so many people choose the Sun Collectors for their system installation. Just see what some of our satisfied clients have to say about their new solar panels.

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Don’t let solar panel system cost for Richmond VA stop you from investing in renewable energy! Find the help you need with solar system installation from the Sun Collectors. Call us today at 804-575-7338 to request a consultation. Also, our office is located at 4191 Innslake Dr, Unit 211, Glen Allen, VA 23060.